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Top Tips in Choosing the Best Dog Clippers for Your Fur Friend

Dog clippers have become one of the top tools when you need to be grooming your dog the right way. You should not just rely on the services of dog grooming professionals to be the one to use these dog clippers on your dog. These tools are especially useful for long-haired dogs that will ensure their comfort and happiness during the summer months. Comfort is not the only thing that you have to keep in mind that is why you must buy these dog clippers, keeping their hair in great style is another reason.

When it comes to function, the use of dog clippers is more or less the same with the use of human clippers. How these two types of clippers look on the outside are very much the same. The main difference between the two maybe that the dog clippers are made to be much smaller and to make lesser noise in order for the dogs being trimmed to not get easily scared. Also, unlike human clippers that are more of the one-size-fit-all variety, dog clippers come in different sizes. There is the smaller variety of dog clippers that are less powerful and are intended for use among light to medium thick coats among dogs that range from medium to small sizes. For dogs that are large and have large coats or dogs that can either be small or large but have very thick coats, using the bigger and more powerful dog clippers are good for them. Additionally, you see small dog breeds that seem to have more fur on them, for these dogs, you should expect to use the heavier duty type of dog clippers.

You should set aside some of your money to get a good groomer’s kit if you want to begin a dog grooming business or still a first-timer in taking care and grooming your dog. Most basic dog grooming kits include dog clippers, scissors, guards, and comb. There are even some kits that you can buy that come with their own aprons as well as a dog grooming guide so that you will not be having a hard time grooming you dog the first time. Nonetheless, one way of getting your dog clippers right is to be knowledgeable of the kind of dog hair your dog particularly has. Your pet dog could suffer some discomfort and pain and your dog clippers will be damaged that easily if you insist on using some dog clippers meant for light coat on your dog that has thick coat.

Furthermore, some dog clippers can be cordless and some come with cords. Going for the cordless dog clippers is a good bang for your buck. Having your dog entangled up in the cord will be the least of your worries if you choose the cordless type.

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